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"American Art Collector" - Feb 2017

"Remembered in Stone. December 2014"

"Canton Museum of Art offering exhibits that push boundaries",Akron Beacon Journal (Sept. 2012)

The John and Mildred Putnam Sculpture Collection Catalog (2012)

Dubois County Free Press (April 2013)

"Studio Visit", Volume 28. (2014)

When Stone Speaks

October 2012

By postmodern aesthetic standards (if in fact there is such a thing), the free-standing stone sculptures by Alice Kiderman might seem somewhat dated. At first blush, several of them are reminiscent of Henry Moore's distended, ambiguous and lumpy abstractions of the human figure.   read more >>

Sculpture's sale to aid diabetes fight

March 27, 2008 The Sun Courier
By Tara Quinn
staff writer

Diana Richards rented a charter boat off the coast of Maui.

The passengers had just boarded when the captain told everyone that a baby whale was born. A little blood could be seen, followed by the mother pushing her baby to the surface so it could take its first breath.  read more >>

Alice Kiderman - Sculptor

July 27, 2007 Cleveland Jewish News

Although she exhibits her work in cities like Columbus and Washington, D.C., Kiderman considers Cleveland her main turf. “I am very much a local artist,” she says. “A lot is happening for Cleveland in terms of art, especially in Collinwood, and I think it’s very important to promote art here.”

Kiderman sculpts in several media including bronze and glass, but asserts that her first passion is stone. “I love the feeling of the danger that stone has,” she says. “No mistakes are allowed.”  read more >>

Alice Kiderman. Artist statement

Art Review Today

"I didn't choose art... art choose me", said a famous artist. This could very well apply to me, in the sense that I didn't choose Art as a career. However, though initially trained as a linguist and educator, as long as I can remember, I was mesmerized by objects of art. Yet as a teenager running around galleries, art museums and trendy and often underground exhibitions in Moscow, Russia (my place of birth), I could never have imagined that many years later in a far away country I would be making my first steps as an artist, a sculptor.  read more >>

ASCENDING by Alice Kiderman

Alice Kiderman Art of the day
Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on June 26, 2006

This work is in the Putnam Sculpture Collection at Case Western Reserve University. It was purchased recently from a show at the Sculpture Center but It is not on display yet -- so very few people have seen it. This work is only a few inches tall but it has a monumental quality. The color of the stone is very beautiful. The form, which is similar in shape to a human heart, is very sensuous and organic.   read more >>
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